Internet subscription comparison

Compare Scarlet Internet subscriptions with the main operators on the market

Comparing subscriptions can be a bit of a minefield

Comparing Internet subscriptions can be a bit of a minefield. Megabit per second (Mbps), Terabyte (TB)… three-month deal, six-month deal, before going back to the normal price. 

It would take you almost a degree in computer science and business to find the cheapest Internet subscription that really suits your needs. 

At Scarlet, we are big believers in simplicity. No blah, blah, blah, just the essential information. To compare Internet subscriptions, it’s often enough to take the non-promotional price, volume and speed. 

Comparison of unlimited Internet subscriptions

Do you consume a lot of download volume (streaming movies, videoconferencing, online gaming, etc.)? Then go for an unlimited Internet plan.

With Scarlet Internet Loco, you only pay for the speed you really need. Get a cheaper unlimited Internet subscription, while benefiting from the quality of the Proximus network. 

Comparison of limited Internet subscriptions

Don’t use the Internet often? Just to send a few e-mails or for administrative tasks? So, no need to pay for unlimited Internet.

Scarlet Internet Poco, a cheaper Internet subscription for users who don’t spend their life online. Basically, if you don’t use much Internet, why pay for more speed?

Low-cost Internet is at Scarlet

After all, comparing Internet subscriptions isn’t that complicated. Just know what volume and speed you really need.

What flow rate do I need?

Find all the details concerning the method used to build our Internet subscription comparisons here.

Other Scarlet products

Scarlet Trio Pack

Always connected thanks to Scarlet? Unlimited Internet, digital television and telephony (fixed or mobile subscription) - find more info about our Scarlet Packs and choose which one suits you best.

As from 42 /month

Mobile subscriptions

Choose a low-cost mobile subscription: our Red, Cherry and Hot subscriptions offer you everything you need: unlimited calls and text messages on top of data!

As from 8 /month

Comparison details

Comparison made on 29/01/2024, based on the information presented on the website of the operators mentioned (excluding special deals and commissioning costs), fiber offers are not included.

This comparison includes operators covering most of the market. For each range (unlimited or limited), only the cheapest offer has been included for each operator. You can find an exhaustive comparison of the entire market on the website of the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications ( window.

Offers that include unlimited download volumes may be subject to terms of use for private use. The advertised speeds are theoretical speeds and depend on the technical configuration present at the service installation address. Refer to the website of the operators mentioned for more information and to check the availability of these offers at your address.

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