Scarlet Trio Mobile

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  • Surf and call at the best price
  • Enjoy the quality of the Proximus network
As from 50 /month

Discover our Trio Mobile now with even more data !

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Trio Mobile 10 GB

Unlimited internet 
33 channels and Digital Television
GSM subscription with 10 GB
600 calling minutes and unlimited SMS



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Trio Mobile 20 GB

Unlimited internet 
33 channels and Digital Television
GSM subscription with 20 GB
unlimited calls and SMS



Free delivery
100% secure payment
Non-binding subscription
14 days to change your mind
Recommended by more than 80 % of our customers!
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Internet in your pack

Scarlet has been offering Internet services on the Proximus network for over 30 years. Surf on one of the fastest networks in Belgium at unbeatable prices!

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Super-stable connection

We offer a download speed of 70 Mbps, which is perfect for everyday use. Work from home while watching a programme on streaming without interruption or latency. At your ease!

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Unlimited Internet

Surf at full speed! The only limit we apply is a slowdown of the network in the event of abusive use (from 3 Terabytes), to ensure maximum stability for all our customers.

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Modem included

Unlike other operators, modem rental is included in the monthly price. No need to rent or buy one, it will be delivered to your home and installed directly by a Scarlet technician.

Your TV experience

The essence of digital television

More than 30 digital television channels and more than 20 radio stations.

Add options and create YOUR TV experience

Pickx Bouquet, replay, extra decoder ... you choose it all yourself!

Your decoder is included in your subscription

Scarlet, why pay more?

Discover all available channels

Choose the very best of TV. Discover the complete TV offerings by region.

Add the options you want

TV Replay

Watch your TV programs live or recorded with the TV Replay option.

from 3 /month

TV Bouquets

Add TV channels to your basic offering. You have the choice between sports channels, children's content, crime films or a maximum of documentaries.

from 4.99 /month

Choose your installation method

Save time with our quick installation kit! Receive your equipment directly at your home and install it easily with our instructions. At this moment, the installation by a technician and activation are free.

Quick installation kit

  • Equipment delivered in 2-3 working days
  • Installation in 30 minutes
  • Need a helping hand? Call an expert for free guidance

Installation by a technician

  • Receive a visit from a technician
  • Equipment installed in an average of 10 days
  • Relax, our expert takes care of everything. You don't have to do anything!

More information about the Scarlet Trio Mobile pack






Wifi modem


Digital TV

HD Decoder


Rent extra HD decoder(/month)


To order, you must have the following information at hand: your ID card number. If you want to keep your current number, you will also need the following details:

  • Your customer number with your current operator (usually mentioned on the invoice) if you want to keep your current number
  • Or your current operator's SIM card number (mentioned on the SIM card).

If the SIM card number is no longer legible, you can find it on the documents you received with your card. Usually, your SIM card number can also be retrieved on your current operator's online customer environment. If not, get in touch with your operator to obtain the details.

If you have a smartphone, you can find it as follows:

  • iPhone: go to your phone settings and search for "ICCID." Then take the last 13 digits.
  • Android: you can find apps on Google Play to retrieve them. Be sure to choose an app with a good rating and positive reviews.

Open-ended contract. To enjoy scarlet Trio, you must have access to the VDSL network. The availability of HD content depends on your installation and the HD coverage in your area.

Promotion (web only): Free activation worth €29. Promotion valid from 15/04/2024 to 30/06/2024 for any new subscriber who subscribes to a Scarlet Trio or Trio Mobile subscription via the website. Valid for all new Scarlet customers and existing Scarlet mobile or internet customers who want a Trio offer.

Promotion: Free installation at home by a technician worth €50. Promotion valid from 01/04/2024 until 30/09/2024 for any new subscriber who subscribes to a Scarlet Trio Mobile subscription. Valid for all new Scarlet customers and existing Scarlet mobile or internet customers who want a Trio Mobile offer. 

1. Unlimited surfing. Scarlet's internet services are for private use only. The download speed is limited to 3 Mbps once you exceed a surfing volume of 3 TB per month. This speed is sufficient for surfing the Internet, for standard e-mail use and video streaming⦠When you reach 3 TB, you have the option to order extra surfing volume via the Comfort option for €5 per month. This allows you to consume up to an additional 1 TB without speed limitation.
2. Calls and texts from Belgium to the EU are not included in the subscription and are charged according to the international rates. Unused calling minutes, texting and MB will not carry over to the next month.
The minutes, SMS or GB included in the subscription or in the "additional mobile internet" and the "unlimited calls to Scarlet Mobile" option, as well as the extra-bundle rates per minute, SMS or GB, with the exception of special numbers (090X, 070, calling games,...) are valid in Belgium and in the European Union (roaming) to all fixed and mobile networks (078 numbers included).
Charge per second from the first minute. The use of data via 4G, 3G, EDGE or GPRS is charged per KB. All prices include VAT.
Offer reserved for normal private use as described here.
3. The specified speeds depend on the distance between the connection point and the telephone exchange, on the home installation and on the interior cabling.

Monthly subscription prices (Internet Loco, Internet Poco, Mobile Red, Mobile Berry, Mobile Cherry, Mobile Hot, Pack Trio, Pack Trio Mobile 10 GB and 20 GB.) will not increase in 2024.
Guarantee does not apply to options or rates for out-of-package consumption