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How can I check the wiring of my b-box 2?

  • Check the Internet cable connection between the telephone jack and the blue DSL port on the modem.

Figure a: If your phone jack is equipped with a filter, plug the supplied black cable with blue end (or the blue cable) into the bottom of the filter.
Figure b: If you have not been provided with a filter, open the small clip with the telephone icon and plug in the black cable with blue end provided (or the blue cable).

  • Check the power cable connection between the power outlet and the modem. The modem switch must be in position I (the B-Box 2 on/off switch is located on the front of the modem).
  • Check the connection of the Ethernet cable between one of the yellow LAN ports of the modem (if you have a B-Box 2 modem, the PC1 or PC2 port) and the Ethernet port of your computer. Caution! If you have a grey Sagem modem, one of the LAN ports is on the back of the modem and the other on the side.
  • Do you also have telephony? Make sure your phone is connected to the green Phone1 output on the back of the modem.