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Are you about to receive a visit from a technician?

To help us prevent the spread of COVID, we ask you to respect certain precautions:

  1. If someone is ill: if you or someone in your household is quarantined, please call us as soon as possible at 02 275 27 27 so that we can reschedule the intervention.
  2. Make sure the work environment is accessible: make sure the rooms in which our technician will be working are easily accessible. This means that there are no obstacles that make the work of our technician more difficult. He may also need access to the place your line enters your home. In an apartment, this is often in the basement or in another common room.
  3. Observe distancing: stay at least 1,5m away from our technician. This is for your safety as well as for his.
  4. Air the rooms for 30 minutes: our technician will send you a text message when he is on his way to your home. When you receive this text message, make sure to air the room in which he will be working.

If you cannot guarantee compliance with these instructions, please inform us as soon as possible on 02 275 27 27.