Our prices are guaranteed in 2024

Say goodbye to inflation with Scarlet!

Your budget, our priority!

For 2024, Scarlet is your shield against inflation. If 2023 was a year that put a strain on the wallets of Belgian households, then 2024 is the year where Scarlet gives you a financial breather. With rising fuel prices, energy costs, and food prices in mind, we say at Scarlet “why pay more?”. That is not a joke, it's a promise!

Your price guaranteed in 2024

While most telecom providers are raising their prices, Scarlet goes against the flow. No increase. Nada. Nothing. You read that right, not even a small bump to buy a cup of coffee to our dedicated employees.

How does Scarlet ensure stable prices?

Thanks to our business model focused on simplicity and efficiency, we can maintain stable prices. No frills, no extra expenses. Just quality service that fits within your budget.

Why choose Scarlet

For the sake of simplicity, economy and quality. Tired of complex offers and surprise bills? You are not alone. That's why Scarlet focuses on clear offers, quality service, and prices set in stone. For savings and reliability, you can count on Scarlet to offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

Secure your rate for 2024 

Internet Loco

Unlimited internet at 70 Mbps. Ideal for those who want speed without breaking the bank. With us, it's always luxury at an affordable price!

Mobile Cherry

600 minutes and 10GB. Tailored for those who crave online access to all their apps and dialling up friends and family for a chat!

Pack Trio

Starting at just €42 for internet, landline, and digital TV, or €50 with mobile included. Our all-in-one packages are designed to provide straightforward simplicity.

Save with Scarlet

It’s in the details! Wondering how we can offer such competitive prices? Well, that's a well-kept family secret! But we’ll reveal you just a bit: Choosing Scarlet for your internet plan is like finding a €20 note in an old pair of jeans every month, or for a trio pack it is like having an infinitely-filling piggy bank. Imagine saving enough to buy a new TV at the end of the year! Check for yourself which Scarlet internet or plan or mobile plan best fits your needs.

About the price guarantee in 2024 

Which offers are covered by the price guarantee?

The price guarantee is valid for Internet Loco, Internet Poco, Mobile Red, Mobile Berry, Mobile Cherry, Mobile Hot, Pack Trio, Pack Trio Mobile 10GB, and 20GB. 

Which period is the price guarantee valid for?

The guarantee applies to the monthly price of the basic offers sold by Scarlet between 01/10/2023 and 31/12/2024.  

Does the price guarantee also apply to existing customers?

Yes, and that's where Scarlet stands out! The price guarantee is offered to both new and existing customers. This is our way of thanking you for your loyalty. At Scarlet, there are no “buts”, even for existing customers!

Does the price guarantee extend to options and additional costs?

Nope, it doesn't. The price guarantee focuses on your base subscription rate. Extra charges like data excess, non-EU roaming, international calls and texts, and premium services are not included. At Scarlet, we see options as cool bonuses in a video game - nice to have, but not key to victory. Our main goal? Providing you with dependable, no-frills services at prices that'll keep that smile on your face.

In a nutshell 

At Scarlet, we keep it simple and clear. We offer quality without the hassle, at a price-point that helps you sleep at night. If you're tired of paying too much and getting too little, it's time to make the switch. With Scarlet, you always know where you stand. And if you still got a doubt in your mind, remember: There are no ifs, ands or buts at Scarlet.