Mobile subscriptions

  • Surf and call at the best price
  • Enjoy the quality of the Proximus network

As from 8 /month

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Our mobile subscriptions

Mobile subscriptions at the best prices designed according to your habits, allowing you to call, text and surf the internet while only paying for what you need. Yes, our Scarlet customers have the knack for paying less!

1 GB

  • Unlimited texting
  • 300 min. call credit

8 /month


5 GB

  • Unlimited texting
  • 300 min. call credit

10 /month

Now with more data

10 GB

  • Unlimited texting
  • 600 min. call credit

13 /month

Now with more data

20 GB

  • Unlimited texting
  • Unlimited calls

18 /month

Call for free via 0800 84 000

Compare our GSM offers with others on the market

Want to compare for yourself? Enter your budget and compare our Scarlet GSM offers with the main operators on the market.

Find all the details of the comparison here.

* In the Orange subscription, calls between family members (if included on the same bill) are free.

Find all the details of the comparison here.

* In the Orange subscription, calls between family members (if included on the same bill) are free.

Find all the details of the comparison here.

* In the Orange subscription, calls between family members (if included on the same bill) are free.

Find all the details of the comparison here.

Need more? Our GSM offers are also available in packs

Trio Mobile 10 GB

Need TV? Opt for a Trio Mobile pack that includes the GSM subscription 10 GB, home internet, and Scarlet TV!

50 /month

Trio Mobile 20 GB

Need TV? Opt for a Trio Mobile pack that includes the GSM subscription 20 GB, home internet, and Scarlet TV!

55 /month

Why choose Scarlet for your GSM subscription?

Proximus quality at a low price

No loss of quality, you benefit from an optimal internet connection because you surf on one of the best networks in Belgium: the Proximus network.

A customer service always there for you

A problem with your order or you don't understand your last bill? Don't panic, our agents accompany you for free at 02 275 27 27

No bad surprise on the bill

Manage your consumption and that of your household via MyScarlet. Go abroad or let your children surf: you are protected against overbilling.

Change plans without commitment

Your data consumption evolves? Change plans from month to month without fees or commitments, to always be sure to pay only for what you need.

Become a Scarlet customer super easily

Join the Scarlet family without any headaches

  1. Receive your SIM quickly

    Choose your mobile subscription in a few clicks and receive your SIM card in the mail within 3 business days.

  2. Keep or not your mobile number

    If you have chosen to keep your current number, your SIM card will be activated within 48 hours.

  3. We take care of the operator transfer

    You don't have to cancel your subscription with your current operator yourself. We will do it for you!

  4. And all this, without interruption!

    During the number transfer, you remain reachable via the SIM card of the current operator.

Additional information about Scarlet's mobile subscriptions

To order, you must have the following information at hand: your ID card number. If you want to keep your current number, you will also need the following details:

  • Your customer number with your current operator (usually mentioned on the invoice) if you want to keep your current number
  • Or your current operator's SIM card number (mentioned on the SIM card).

If the SIM card number is no longer legible, you can find it on the documents you received with your card. Usually, your SIM card number can also be retrieved on your current operator's online customer environment. If not, get in touch with your operator to obtain the details.

If you have a smartphone, you can find it as follows:

  • iPhone: go to your phone settings and search for "ICCID." Then take the last 13 digits.
  • Android: you can find apps on Google Play to retrieve them. Be sure to choose an app with a good rating and positive reviews.

At Scarlet, you become a customer without being tied down. That is, you are not bound by a minimum term.

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time.

The minutes, text messages or GB included in the subscription or in the "extra mobile Internet" and "unlimited calls to Scarlet Mobile" options, as well as the out-of-bundle rates per minute, text message or GB, with the exception of special numbers (090X, 070, calling games,...) are valid in Belgium and in the Zone EU and Switzerland (roaming) to all fixed and mobile networks (078 numbers included).

Charging per second from the first minute. Use of data via 4G, 3G, EDGE or GPRS is charged per KB. All prices include VAT.

Offer only valid for normal private use as described here.

1. Calls and text messages from Belgium to the Zone EU are not included in the subscription and are charged according to international rates. Unused call minutes, text messages and MB are not carried over to the next month.

3.  Zone EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Monthly subscription prices (Internet Loco, Internet Poco, Mobile Red, Mobile Berry, Mobile Cherry, Mobile Hot, Pack Trio, Pack Trio Mobile 10 GB and 20 GB.) will not increase in 2024.
Guarantee does not apply to options or rates for out-of-package consumption

Rates outside your mobile bundle in Belgium

Enjoy very low rates when you exceed your bundle. National calls for €0.16/min and mobile Internet for €0.05/MB. While Roam Like at Home lets you use your subscription throughout Zone EU like in Belgium.

All our rates in detail

These tariffs are for customers who subscribed to Scarlet on or after 12/07/2023. If you became a customer before 12/07/2023, please visit these tariffs.

Comparison as of 02/04/2024, based on the information presented on the websites of the mentioned operators (excluding promotions and joint offers).

The comparison includes the operators covering the largest part of the market. For each usage profile presented, only the cheapest offer has been taken into account for each operator. You can find a comprehensive GSM subscription comparator, covering the entire market, on the website of the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (

Call and surf cheaper. The best tariff for fixed telephony, mobile telephony and broadband Internet by the Belgian Institute for Postal services and Telecommunications

Offers including unlimited calls, SMS or mobile internet may be subject to terms of use for private use.

The technology used by the operators for mobile internet (4G or 5G) has not been taken into account.